Work Is an Honorable Thing

How my computer time models honorable work for my tinies
Work Is an Honorable Thing

There was a bit of a movement underway a few years ago: Christian women were signing pledges saying that they wouldn't let their tinies see them on the computer. I think their intentions were mostly good—they knew they were distracted, by social media in particular, and so they wanted to give their best attention to their children. That idea continues to hang on, particularly in my line of work.

I understand it. Of course, eight hours of Facebook to the exclusion of fully being present with our families is damaging. And I am wise with my time on social media, not only for my family's sake, but for my own creativity, health, sanity, and proper sense of perspective. When my husband gets home and asks me about my day, I don't want my first answer to be, "Well, you wouldn't believe what this one guy said on Twitter!" or "Look at how many likes I got on this Instagram picture of the kid I neglected all day!" Not exactly healthy.

But here's the thing: I work from our home on a—wait for it—computer.

But here's the thing: I work from our home on a—wait for it—computer. My husband works out of our home full time in a demanding job with irregular hours occasionally. I am the primary caregiver for our tinies. We have a (very beloved) babysitter for our littlest girl two mornings a week while the older two are at school so that I can make phone calls, do interviews, and work uninterrupted for a bit of time, but I am usually at home, trying to get in a full-time job at the edges of our life. Through trial and error, we've learned that our family works best in this way, with one parent more fully engaged during the day. Being a work-from-home mother can feel like a juggling act, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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