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April 2014

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Need a Friend?Member Access Only
How you can step out of shallow relationships and dive into deeper, face-to-face friendships
When Your Spouse Has a Mental Illness
When Your Spouse Has a Mental IllnessMember Access Only
Hope for the marriage that’s not what you planned
Sleeping with the Enemy?Member Access Only
Yes, my smartphone is my bedside companion
Real Connection in a Digital WorldMember Access Only
Can we build deep friendships in a shallow world of online communication?
If I See One More Selfie . . . Member Access Only
Finding freedom from social-media envy
The Importance of God's WordMember Access Only
Don't settle for less than the real thing
Jesus Wept
Jesus WeptMember Access Only
His tears teach me so much about his presence—and his timing—in my life.
Career, Calling, and "Pootling Sideways"Member Access Only
A new approach to work, life, and doing it all
Motherhood, Music, and MinistryMember Access Only
Francesca Battistelli opens up about why she wants God to write his story on her heart.
Apples to DiamondsMember Access Only
When comparisons spoil your marriage
9 Ways to Help Save the PlanetMember Access Only
Environmental care is not controversial; it’s Christian.
A Deeply-Planted Faith
A Deeply-Planted FaithMember Access Only
Leah Kostamo believes we’re called to care for and keep God's creation.
Pizza Crust Is Not My Friend
Pizza Crust Is Not My FriendMember Access Only
Quick fixes, prayer, and learning to be still
Easter's Finest
Easter's FinestMember Access Only
When Jesus hijacks your holiday
Discovering Beauty in the RuinsMember Access Only
What I learned from my mom and dad’s divorce
Pride in DisguiseMember Access Only
Stubborn? Easily irritated? You may have a pride problem.
Work Is an Honorable Thing
Work Is an Honorable ThingMember Access Only
How my computer time models honorable work for my tinies
Doomed to Divorce?Member Access Only
Did the gloomy statistics about parenting kids with special needs mean our marriage was bound to fail?
The Great Connection
The Great ConnectionMember Access Only
Helping friends find faith
How to Win the Waiting GameMember Access Only
Learning to wait well
Seeking God's Calling for Your Life
Seeking God's Calling for Your LifeMember Access Only
How to hear what he’s saying
Stuck in Indecision?
Stuck in Indecision?Member Access Only
5 tips for confident decision-making
Empowering Women in Agriculture to Help Eradicate HungerMember Access Only
The surprising power of pineapples
Beyond "Tiger Parenting"
Beyond "Tiger Parenting"Member Access Only
Carving out a distinctly Christian approach to raising our kids
How to Leverage Your Influence
How to Leverage Your InfluenceMember Access Only
5 scriptural tips for leading from who—and where—you are
Diapering with Her Feet
Diapering with Her FeetMember Access Only
Innovative parenting wisdom from the wise, young Sarah Kovac
God-Honoring Pleasure in a Shades-of-Grey WorldMember Access Only
Even when it comes to sexual pleasure, God wants the best for us.
Curbing Comparison
Curbing ComparisonMember Access Only
How to rid yourself of one of the biggest joy-robbers and dream-shredders in your life
When Your Child Drinks
When Your Child DrinksMember Access Only
How to help your child overcome alcohol abuse
Junkie in the PewMember Access Only
One woman's struggle with loving God and loving drugs

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August 03, 2020
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
There Is No "Safe" JesusMember Access Only
The risky call to love like Christ

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