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January 2014

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A Tale of Two Thighs
A Tale of Two ThighsSubscriber Access Only
Why comparing our hearts to our waistlines never works
Boys to Men
Boys to MenSubscriber Access Only
6 crucial choices moms can make to help their sons grow up
Is the Church Failing Childless Women?Subscriber Access Only
We can all do better.
The 3 Best Questions a Mentor Can Ask
The 3 Best Questions a Mentor Can AskSubscriber Access Only
My friend helped me listen . . . to me
Whose Voice Are You Listening To?
Whose Voice Are You Listening To?Subscriber Access Only
How to keep criticism from derailing us from God’s calling
Adventurous Sex?
Adventurous Sex?Subscriber Access Only
Why boredom in the bedroom is bad for your marriage
God Speaks to Me
God Speaks to MeSubscriber Access Only
Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer on the silent seasons of life
Working Alongside Your SpouseSubscriber Access Only
Wisdom from couples who partner outside the home
Your Story MattersSubscriber Access Only
Overcome life’s hurts and reclaim your voice
Mom on the Job
Mom on the JobSubscriber Access Only
Encouragement for women fighting the battle for balance
To All the Single Ladies
To All the Single LadiesSubscriber Access Only
Singleness is no longer a lack of options but a choice.
Cling to God's Promise
Cling to God's PromiseSubscriber Access Only
There is no sin beyond God's redemptive healing power.
You Need a Mentor
You Need a MentorSubscriber Access Only
And she will let you down
Sex: Some Assembly RequiredSubscriber Access Only
It’s not always easy—and that’s okay.
Avoiding Office Drama
Avoiding Office DramaSubscriber Access Only
Some people are prone to stirring the pot. How to keep emotions in check.
Refugee Resettlement Isn’t a Political Issue—It’s a Humanitarian Issue
Refugee Resettlement Isn’t a Political Issue—It’s a Humanitarian IssueSubscriber Access Only
In the world’s “most dangerous place for women,” the greatest fear isn’t rape or death—it’s being forgotten. My heartbreaking experience in a displacement camp for the people of Congo.
Reconciliation: Pursuing Grace-Drenched RelationshipsSubscriber Access Only
Three steps toward reconciling broken relationships and conflict
A Marriage On Its KneesSubscriber Access Only
I’ve discovered the best way to fight for our relationship—prayer
Chris Tomlin: On God's Great Dance FloorSubscriber Access Only
The most-sung artist in music history opens up on the balance between work, faith, and family
Getting Past His Sexual PastSubscriber Access Only
What to do with your husband's promiscuity
Give Mommy Guilt a Time OutSubscriber Access Only
I'm not a perfect mother, and neither are you—let's battle the guilt together.
Battling Against the Never-Ending Mommy WarsSubscriber Access Only
How to end the biggest parenting distraction of this millennium
Let Go and Live Subscriber Access Only
Join me and make 2014 a year of ordinary achievement
My Quest to Be a Happier Wife
My Quest to Be a Happier WifeSubscriber Access Only
This year I’m asking God to change me
Healthy Grocery GirlSubscriber Access Only
Tips on how to eat well on a busy, working woman's schedule
Holy Yoga!Subscriber Access Only
Going to the mat with God

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December 19, 2018
There Is No "Safe" Jesus There Is No "Safe" JesusSubscriber Access Only
The risky call to love like Christ
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