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October 2013

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Celebrating Elisabeth Elliot's Life: A Pioneer and Prayer Warrior
Celebrating Elisabeth Elliot's Life: A Pioneer and Prayer WarriorSubscriber Access Only
A biography of an international missionary who lost her husband in the jungles of Ecuador and birthed an international ministry on the radio
Determining Priorities
Determining PrioritiesSubscriber Access Only
It’s only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.
The Secret to Making Friends
The Secret to Making FriendsSubscriber Access Only
How toilet paper and tears led me to overcome my fears
"Stuck" as a Stay-at-Home Mom in a Leader's Body?
"Stuck" as a Stay-at-Home Mom in a Leader's Body?Subscriber Access Only
It’s possible to develop leadership skills while folding the laundry.
When Parents Obey
When Parents ObeySubscriber Access Only
Choosing God’s way requires sacrifice and discipline—and produces disciples.
Defy Those Rigid Gender Roles
Defy Those Rigid Gender RolesSubscriber Access Only
Our marriage is stronger because we confessed and released our unfair expectations.
My Crowning AchievementSubscriber Access Only
As a Miss USA Ambassador, I found that genuine beauty is beauty rooted in the Lord
Identity, Insecurity, and DesireSubscriber Access Only
We have to hold on to our dreams—it is there that God speaks to us
Who Am I?Subscriber Access Only
Only God can answer this question. Are you listening?
How to Talk to Your Daughter About Body Image and the MediaSubscriber Access Only
A former Victoria’s Secret model on preserving positive self-image
Sara Groves: 'Music is My Medicine'Subscriber Access Only
How this 'technically non-proficient' artist overcame defeat to create music—and a marriage that endures
Mind GamesSubscriber Access Only
What my journey through a cancer diagnosis taught me about trusting God
TCW Marriage Tip #4
TCW Marriage Tip #4Subscriber Access Only
Recognize your spouse's loving acts of kindness
The Artist Inside of YouSubscriber Access Only
A million little ways to embrace your creative gifts and callings
Guidelines for Christian Sex
Guidelines for Christian SexSubscriber Access Only
3 questions to answer before heading to the bedroom
Image Bearing in the Creative ProcessSubscriber Access Only
An artists' confession: Friction, fear, and giving birth to big ideas
Laughing Out Loud with GodSubscriber Access Only
Reveling in the beauty of duck butts, squirrel cheeks, and other wacky wonders
5 Ways to Cultivate Imagination and Creativity in Everyday Life
5 Ways to Cultivate Imagination and Creativity in Everyday LifeSubscriber Access Only
Kids aren’t the only ones who should have fun.
Sex Before Marriage Subscriber Access Only
Q&A: We had sex before we were married. How can I forgive myself?
My Husband Had an AffairSubscriber Access Only
Q&A: Will I ever learn to trust again?
TCW Marriage Tip #3
TCW Marriage Tip #3Subscriber Access Only
It's important to budget well
I Told You SoSubscriber Access Only
The four most despised words you can say to your husband
Sexual Temptation Is a Team Sport
Sexual Temptation Is a Team SportSubscriber Access Only
Don’t keep secrets in shame—when you’re fighting each other, you can’t stand together
Scratch-and-Dent MarriageSubscriber Access Only
I sometimes wonder if our marriage has lost its newlywed beauty
How the Church Helped Me Through Postpartum Depression
How the Church Helped Me Through Postpartum DepressionSubscriber Access Only
My depression overwhelmed me; Jesus and his church saved my life.
My Little Peace of Heaven
My Little Peace of HeavenSubscriber Access Only
Preacher, homemaker, cheesemaker—whatever our vocations, with God, we have the job opportunity of a lifetime—to help God make shalom.
Are You a Multiplier or Diminisher in the Workplace?
Are You a Multiplier or Diminisher in the Workplace?Subscriber Access Only
Even our best intentions can cause others to come up short
TCW Marriage Tip #2
TCW Marriage Tip #2Subscriber Access Only
Talk about sex with your spouse
Is It Possible to Spiritually Outgrow Your Marriage? Subscriber Access Only
The deeper you grow with the Lord, the greater your capacity to love your spouse
Journey Through Passion Pursuit
Solomon's Smokin' Hot BrideSubscriber Access Only
The Proverbs 31 woman is wonderful, but the bride in Song of Solomon is my new role model
Praying for a Sexual RevivalSubscriber Access Only
Satan doesn’t just want to destroy marriages; he wants to destroy God’s holiness
Preparing Your Children for an Evil World
Preparing Your Children for an Evil WorldSubscriber Access Only
How to talk about what you wish you didn’t have to
Unexpected Love Letters
Unexpected Love LettersSubscriber Access Only
Some messages aren’t written with paper and ink
TCW Marriage Tip #1
TCW Marriage Tip #1Subscriber Access Only
Resolving conflict under pressure
5 Ways to Guide Your Teen into Healthy Relationships Subscriber Access Only
In this new age of social media, some time-tested principles remain the same
Overcoming Sexual Addiction
Overcoming Sexual AddictionSubscriber Access Only
The real remedy to pornography
When You're Overwhelmed
When You're OverwhelmedSubscriber Access Only
12 steps to sanity
Phil Wickham: The Ascension Subscriber Access Only
The award-winning worship artist on music, ministry, and fatherhood
My Journey into Child Sponsorship Subscriber Access Only
An encounter with the hearts and bright minds of Kenya brought my monthly giving to life
Arms Wide Open
Arms Wide OpenSubscriber Access Only
Taking risks toward real relationships
Job 1:21
Job 1:21Subscriber Access Only
The Lord gives and takes away
Breaking Bad and the Antihero in MeSubscriber Access Only
TV’s leading ladies remind us that women can be just as messed up as men.
Introverted Parents Raising Extroverted Kids
Introverted Parents Raising Extroverted KidsSubscriber Access Only
When you and your child have opposite temperaments
Sex and the Christian WomanSubscriber Access Only
Resources for cultivating a godly perspective of our sexuality

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There Is No "Safe" Jesus There Is No "Safe" JesusSubscriber Access Only
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