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Today's Christian Woman focuses on spiritual disciplines and practices to help you go deeper in your faith

Bible Study and Meditation

We have amazing power and strength at our fingertips through understanding and applying God's Word to our lives. This practice looks at the prayerful deliberation of and digging into the Scriptures in more than just a cursory read.

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Setting Spiritual Growth Goals

eBook Format Available! Discover how to set spiritual goals in a busy world.


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Lessons from a Talking Donkey

Lessons from a Talking Donkey

Balaam, blessing, and the importance of being obedient
A Gift Wrapped in Chapter & Verse

A Gift Wrapped in Chapter & Verse

This Christmas, help your kids recite God’s Word for someone they love
TCW's Advent Devotional Calendar

TCW's Advent Devotional Calendar Subscriber access only

Root your soul in hope this season.
Angels in Iran

Angels in Iran Subscriber access only

When the Islamic governing regime tried to silence Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amiridazeh, it gave them a voice for Christ that has reached millions
Thirsty for God

Thirsty for God Subscriber access only

Fill your soul with the only true refreshment.

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Our editors have compiled the best on Bible Study and Meditation from the archives. Here you'll find fresh, relevant, and honest articles that makes Today's Christian Woman a mentor to thousands of women.

Back to the Bible Subscriber access only

Priscilla Shirer is on a mission to see women's lives changed by immersion in the Word of God.
Why This?
Priscilla Shirer believes BIble study should be a top priority in our lives.

Back to the Bible Subscriber access only

How reading Scripture with spiritual seekers can help create Christ followers
Why This?
Reading and discussing the Bible with non-Christians can be a powerful avenue of introducing them to Christ.
Inscribed on the Heart

Inscribed on the Heart Subscriber access only

Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer discusses the best ways to study the Bible for life-change.
Why This?
Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer provides key insights into how we can study Scripture in greater depth and renewed passion.
God's Perfect Marriage Counseling

God's Perfect Marriage Counseling Subscriber access only

Our marriage thrives on the right advice
Why This?
As you follow the challenging teachings of Jesus and grow in discipleship, your marriages will improve in the process.

What Is Biblical Meditation?

A Meditation on Psalm 103

A Meditation on Psalm 103

Bless the LORD, O my soul.
5 Facets in Spiritual Formation

5 Facets in Spiritual Formation

Use these steps to begin to let Christ form you.
Obedience and Awe

Obedience and Awe

A meditation on Matthew 14

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Faith and the Brain
Leadership Journal

Faith and the Brain Subscriber access only

An interview with Dr. Andrew Newberg.
Men of Integrity

Weekend Bible Study Subscriber access only

Theme of the week: Sin: Yes, We Have a Problem
I Was Saved at Open Communion
Christianity Today

I Was Saved at Open Communion

Having the choice of taking Communion made it clear to me that I was hungry for Christ.
Knowing God Means More than Describing Him
Christianity Today

Knowing God Means More than Describing Him Subscriber access only

Sometimes, our spiritual experiences can't be put into words.
The Great Big Her.meneutics Summer Reading List

The Great Big Her.meneutics Summer Reading List

Beyond chick lit: Books actually worth reading and savoring during lazy summer days.