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In our me-first culture it is difficult to move against that system and put others' needs before our own wants. Yet we follow a Savior who said, "Not my will, but yours, God." The daily act of submission means we continually refine an attitude of "yes, Lord," in our relationship with him and with others. We sacrifice our need to be in control and allow ourselves to be placed under the wisdom of those who will mentor and challenge us and nurture our growth.

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The Theology of Women in Leadership

The Theology of Women in Leadership

from GiftedForLeadership.com - Examining and deconstructing the debate surrounding women's roles in church leadership.


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The Surprising Truth About Submission

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Complementarian Versus Egalitarian Subscriber access only

What's the correct view?
Be a Yes-Woman

Be a Yes-Woman Subscriber access only

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The Hidden Power of Submission

The Hidden Power of Submission Subscriber access only

The secret that can unlock deep intimacy in marriage
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The Meaning of Marriage

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What's So Scary About Submission?

What's So Scary About Submission?

Six secrets about what the Bible really teaches
Why This?
Discover what the Bible really says about mutual submission in a Christian marriage.

Growth by Dependence

Contrary to what the world may say, our mutual surrenders are what enrich us.
Why This?
Philip Yancey describes how, in marriage, we can grow in joy and intimacy when we surrender our own freedoms and willingly yield to one another.

60 Days to . . . A Submissive Spirit

Why This?
This 60-day journey will help you grow in trust as you surrender your own sense of control and submit yourself to God's will.

What is true worship?

Creating Space for God

Where, when, and how has God tapped you on the shoulder but you missed it because you were too busy or distracted to listen?

Silence and Solitude

These spiritual disciplines supply fuel for my soul.

The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life

A worldview from the second Psalm

7 Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever

Prayers of confession, salvation, release, submission, praise, promise, and blessing

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Free Yourself to Pause and Take a Break
Gifted for Leadership

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Uncovering the Head Covering Debate

Uncovering the Head Covering Debate

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