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True freedom is about living within the bounds of God’s grace. It's about rising above our circumstances to see how God designed us and desires for us to live and love and thrive. What often threatens to control us is our attitudes, fears, insecurities, doubts, and worries. Slavery threatens to overtake us when we forget who God is, and instead focus on our circumstances. This practice helps keep our focus on the freedom that God promises, that he embodies. We were made to be free—and through the blood of Jesus, we can live free indeed.

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The Cost of Forgiveness

The Cost of Forgiveness

Experiencing forgiveness as a form of freedom
My Not-So-Simple Life

My Not-So-Simple Life Subscriber access only

If fewer things and more time is the goal, then why do I keep sabotaging myself?
The Real Meaning of Modesty

The Real Meaning of Modesty Subscriber access only

(Hint: It's not about sexual temptation)
Freedom in Forgiveness

Freedom in Forgiveness Subscriber access only

Five truths about God’s grace

Reconciled Subscriber access only

Only God can break down our walls of hostility.

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Communism Really Was that Bad

Communism Really Was that Bad Subscriber access only

Yes, their faith grew under Soviet Russia. But from this family’s perspective, “religious freedom” has its problems too.
Why This?
In a country without religious freedom, this family endured persecution and remained commited to Christ. Their example shows us what true freedom looks like.

Getting the "More" We Really Want

Four steps to overcoming that feeling of being held back
Why This?
Are you held back by fear or failure? Consider these principles for living freely and courageously for God.

The Freedom of Failure

Why This?
God's grace frees us to recongize our shortcomings and move past them.

Deepen Your Relationship with God

An invitation to a journey of spiritual growth
Fighting Sin

Fighting Sin

It's not time to rest yet.
Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

This oft-repeated question says nothing about God, but everything about human beings.
Introverts in the Church

Introverts in the Church

Finding a quiet moment in an extroverted place

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Morning Roundup 5/12/15
The Exchange

Morning Roundup 5/12/15

Single Mothers; 13 Needs Christianity Meets; Successful Church Revitalization
Is It Okay to Be "Fat"?
Today's Christian Woman

Is It Okay to Be "Fat"? Subscriber access only

It’s time to dethrone the idol of physical perfection.
Morning Roundup 5/5/15
The Exchange

Morning Roundup 5/5/15

Gordon College; Bernie Sanders; David Brooks
Morning Roundup 4/2/15
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Morning Roundup 4/2/15

RFRA is New Four-Letter Word; Mirror, Mirror; New Research on Church Attendance
Morning Roundup 4/30/15
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Morning Roundup 4/30/15

Jeb Bush NHCLC; Jeb Bush's Catholicism; Manny Pacquiao's Faith; Religious Freedom
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