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We often confuse prayer to be a mode of communication in which we talk and God listens and then does what we desire! Yet prayer is much deeper and complex than that. It is really a two-way connection and interaction between us and God. Prayer's multifaceted forms range from simple dialogue to deep intercession on behalf of others. It pursues the understanding of where God is working and how we can come alongside him in his work.

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Waiting for a Wedding

Staying optimistic while waiting of your heart's desires.


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Your Real Family

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Spiritual Whitespace

5 ways to listen to God's voice in everyday stress
The Prayer that Saved My Sons (from Each Other)

The Prayer that Saved My Sons (from Each Other)

How four brothers learned to live in peace
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What I Learned from Justin Bieber's Mom

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Was My Marriage a Mistake?

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Our editors have compiled the best on Prayer from the archives. Here you'll find fresh, relevant, and honest articles that makes Today's Christian Woman a mentor to thousands of women.

Prayers That Move the Heart of God Subscriber access only

How to cultivate a meaningful conversation with the Lord.
Why This?
Author Nancy Guthrie helps us transform shallow, self-seeking prayers into powerful prayers that foster trust and intimacy with God.

"I'll Be Praying for You" Subscriber access only

How to say it—and pray it—like you mean it.
Why This?
Intercessory prayer is a profound ministry. This article explains how you can powerfully pray for your friends.

Poo-Poo Prayers

How random, stream-of-consciousness prayers give focus to bigger needs
Why This?
Unfocused, meandering prayer can lead to something sweet: real, honest conversation with Jesus.

Prayer Envy

Why This?
Does it ever seem like others are better at prayer than you are? Prayer was a struggle for Patty Kirk until she realized she could pray through her writing.
Me Time

Me Time

Praying for others is necessary, but so is praying for yourself.
Why This?
God doesn't call us just to pray for others. Scripture invites us to pray honestly about our own needs, feelings, and questions.

How should I incorporate prayer into my Bible study?

Bible study is fundamentally a spiritual activity, not an academic one.

Creating Space for God

Where, when, and how has God tapped you on the shoulder but you missed it because you were too busy or distracted to listen?

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What Steadfast Looks Like in a Revolution
The Behemoth

What Steadfast Looks Like in a Revolution

How in three years an evangelical pastor went from America’s first national hero to “the first of villains.”
Men of Integrity

A Lackluster Legacy Subscriber access only

Theme of the Week: Legacy: Make Your Life Matter Forever
Church Law and Tax Report

Supreme Court Allows Prayers in City Council Meetings Subscriber access only

What clergy should note about invitations to lead public prayers.
God Hasn’t Given Up on Reconciliation
Thin Places

God Hasn’t Given Up on Reconciliation

Some final thoughts, and a prayer, on how to respond when racial reconciliation seems hopeless.
Who's on Your Personal Board of Directors?
Small Groups

Who's on Your Personal Board of Directors? Subscriber access only

Find the right people to help you serve effectively in your sweet spot.
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