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In a rush, rush world our minds can become so filled with clutter that we lose the ability to focus on the eternal. The practice of contemplation allows us to have deliberate, prayerful reflection on God, his will, his world, and his works.

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A personal retreat experience from Kyria.


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Lectio Divina: God's Word for Us

Lectio Divina: God's Word for Us Subscriber access only

What I learned at a local coffee shop on a sacred journey through Scripture
Meeting the Risen Lord

Meeting the Risen Lord

Focus On: Sabbath & Rest
Gnawing on Scripture

Gnawing on Scripture

Focus On: Bible study and meditation
Practicing the Presence of God

Practicing the Presence of God

Focus On: Contemplation

The Adventure of Advent

9 ideas for transforming the season

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Our editors have compiled the best on Contemplation from the archives. Here you'll find fresh, relevant, and honest articles that makes Today's Christian Woman a mentor to thousands of women.

Building God's Temple Within

Moving past conversation with Christ to deep communion with him
Why This?
This article explores the rich tradition of Christian contemplation and Scripture meditation and provides insights for how you can connect more deeply with God.

Listening to God

How often do I think I know what God's saying, when I really haven't a clue?
Why This?
Keeping a spiritual journal will help you understand how God is speaking to you.
A Deeper Knowing

A Deeper Knowing

God is mysterious—but present—in the moments of our lives.
Why This?
Pastor and author Adele Calhoun discusses how we can come to know God better by paying attention to God's faithful presence in our everyday lives.

Beauty for Lenten Ashes

Keep your eyes unwaveringly on Jesus during Lent.

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Building Church Leaders

The 4 Religious Types

How personality influences our perception of God.
Knowing God Means More than Describing Him
Christianity Today

Knowing God Means More than Describing Him Subscriber access only

Sometimes, our spiritual experiences can't be put into words.
Preaching Today

Plagiarism, Integrity, and Giving Our Best

How do you give your very best to sermon prep every week?
He Will Raise You Up on Vultures' Wings
Christianity Today

He Will Raise You Up on Vultures' Wings

What I learned from bird-watching for Jesus.
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Books & Culture

Hip Christian Books

Sampling a new genre.
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