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God's Plan

So much of what God does is beyond our understanding. That doesn't mean we give up on knowing him! But rather than spending time trying to play detective and analyze everything he does and why, we can approach him with the humility of a servant, desiring to honor and obey without the need to figure out his reasoning. This practice calls us to acknowledge that his ways are higher than ours, but even so, we know he has a good plan for us.

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Playing Favorites Subscriber access only

Why has God answered others' prayers for healing, but not mine?
Why This?
Nancy Ortberg believes we can still trust God, even when he doesn't answer our prayers the way we desperately want him to.

A Brave New Worldview Subscriber access only

How we can live confidently in uncertain times.
Why This?
When danger and violence make us feel like the world is spinning out of control, we must cling to the truth that -- no matter what -- our sovereign God is ultimately in control.

God of Questions Subscriber access only

Why This?
When life doesn't make sense, we can come to God with our honest questions.

When God Doesn't Answer Subscriber access only

Life's deep nails of pain have brought me closer to God—but they still hurt.
Why This?
Faith can survive--and even be strengthened--when we suffer. Renee James shares her personal story of learning from God through a journey of grief.
Top 10 Bible Studies of 2014

Top 10 Bible Studies of 2014

Your favorite studies from 2014—a rich variety of topics and books of the Bible.

Deepen Your Relationship with God

An invitation to a journey of spiritual growth
A Review of Logos 6 Bible Software

A Review of Logos 6 Bible Software

A tool filled with resources for in-depth Bible study

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Saturday for Seminars: Australia 2015
The Exchange

Saturday for Seminars: Australia 2015

Christ Builds His Church, We Make Disciples
The Exchange

Christ Builds His Church, We Make Disciples

Pray that God will build his church, then roll up your sleeves and join in.
Men of Integrity

When Life's Puzzling

Theme of the Week: Why Trust God?
Violence in the Home
Leadership Journal

Violence in the Home Subscriber access only

How pastors can best help victims of domestic abuse.
The Neglected Power of Blessing
Leadership Journal

The Neglected Power of Blessing Subscriber access only

One of the most meaningful things a pastor can do is short, sweet, and biblical.
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