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Today's Christian Woman focuses on spiritual disciplines and practices to help you go deeper in your faith


God created us to live out our faith within the context of the body of Christ. The Christian life was not meant to be journeyed alone. So through this discipline we learn to engage other believers through the common practice of worship, service, prayer, celebration, confession, and other activities with the shared goal of knowing and experiencing the triune God in a fuller, more complete way.

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Challenging Seniors to Ministry

Resources to help those in the last third of life to invest it wisely.


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Why Are Women Leaving the Church?

Why Are Women Leaving the Church? Subscriber access only

The reasons behind the exodus
Introverts Need Community Too

Introverts Need Community Too

The church needs us—and we need the church.
Stop Settling for Pseudo-Community

Stop Settling for Pseudo-Community Subscriber access only

Clear out the junk that might be holding you back.
Why My Small Group Adopted a 70-Year-Old Man

Why My Small Group Adopted a 70-Year-Old Man Subscriber access only

God used Allan to change us all.
6 Words that Changed Everything

6 Words that Changed Everything

How I was challenged to love my global neighbor

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Our editors have compiled the best on Community from the archives. Here you'll find fresh, relevant, and honest articles that makes Today's Christian Woman a mentor to thousands of women.

I Found Community Subscriber access only

Sure, it's risky doing life together in a small group. But the rewards outweigh the risks.
Why This?
Hollie Baker-Lutz discusses the powerful spiritual benefits of being in a small group.
Discipleship through Community

Discipleship through Community Subscriber access only

Learning to trust others can be the best way of growing in Christ.
Why This?
God designed us to grow through relationships with others. Consider these insights into how you can spiritually benefit when you deepen your commitment to Christian community.

Community Never Dies Subscriber access only

A letter to a grieving friend
Why This?
The blessing of Christian community can help you deal with pain and loss.
Feeling Thrown Away

Feeling Thrown Away Subscriber access only

We were made for Christian community—so why was I so lonely?
Why This?
Radio host Anita Lustrea shares how God challenged her to break out of loneliness by being vulnerable with others about her struggle.

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Living on Mission in Your Community: An Interview with Pastor Clayton Reed
The Exchange

Living on Mission in Your Community: An Interview with Pastor Clayton Reed

I am thankful for the ministry of Clayton Reed and for how he serves his community.
Morning Roundup 7/27/15
The Exchange

Morning Roundup 7/27/15

Donald Trump's Faith; Burning Man 2015; Evangelicals and Gay Marriage
Membership Matters: 3 Reasons for Church Membership
The Exchange

Membership Matters: 3 Reasons for Church Membership

Why does church membership matter? Why is church attendance not enough?
Building Church Leaders

7 Questions to Ask Before Committing to VBS (free sample)

What you need to consider as you make this year's plans.
Spiritual Opportunity in Silicon Valley
Leadership Journal

Spiritual Opportunity in Silicon Valley

An interview with Skip Vaccarello.