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Social Justice

God's heart is about seeking justice for those who have been wronged. As followers, then, our hearts also break for the misfortunate. Thus we become intentional about seeking out and pursuing advocacy on behalf of those who have been mistreated.

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Surviving Abuse

Receive hope from those who have survived abuse.


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Slavery, Rape, and a Sign that Changed My Life

Slavery, Rape, and a Sign that Changed My Life Subscriber access only

Aligning my heart with Scripture's call
Living a Color-Conscious Life

Living a Color-Conscious Life

I have a dream—that we can work toward racial justice together by tearing down the walls of colorblindness.
Empowering Women in Agriculture to Help Eradicate Hunger

Empowering Women in Agriculture to Help Eradicate Hunger

The surprising power of pineapples
The Sex Slave Next Door

The Sex Slave Next Door Subscriber access only

What’s happening in your neighborhood?
Tattoo Removals and Cover-Ups for Jesus

Tattoo Removals and Cover-Ups for Jesus

Chris Baker, the ministry director of Ink180, has dedicated his life to rescuing and restoring sex trafficking victims to health and wholeness in Chicago—for free

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Our editors have compiled the best on Social Justice from the archives. Here you'll find fresh, relevant, and honest articles that makes Today's Christian Woman a mentor to thousands of women.

Arloa Sutter's Aha!

Her simple act of obedience led to a life-changing ministry.
Why This?
God led one woman to leave behind her "normal" life and minister to the homeless and the poor. Now she leads an urban ministry in one of Chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods.

Purpose-Driven Wife Subscriber access only

Kay Warren used to be a "soccer mom." Now she's fighting AIDS globally and caring for those with HIV locally. What shook up her comfortable suburban world?
Why This?
Kay Warren shares her passion for ministering to those affected by AIDS/HIV.
Step of Faith

Step of Faith Subscriber access only

How Rose Averill meets the needs of homeless children in her community.
Why This?
Seeing kids in poverty broke this woman's heart. Soon God transformed her life into a powerful ministry to the homeless.
Setting Captives Free

Setting Captives Free Subscriber access only

A sex-trafficking survivor courageously shares her story in hopes of sparing other women the same horror.
Why This?
One former victim of sex trafficking works to help free other women from oppression.

Not in My Town Subscriber access only

How 3 women (and you!) are fighting sex trafficking
Why This?
Sex trafficking isn't just a problem overseas. Read how three women combat sex trafficking in their own communities.
A Review of Logos 6 Bible Software

A Review of Logos 6 Bible Software

A tool filled with resources for in-depth Bible study

Christ, Culture, and the Generation Gap

What younger and older Christians get right and wrong about engaging the "world"


Rich lessons from the working poor

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Building Church Leaders

Using Social Media Well (free sample)

Three keys to success.
Where are the Mainline and Progressive Evangelical Voices Speaking Up after that Planned Parenthood Tragedy?
The Exchange

Where are the Mainline and Progressive Evangelical Voices Speaking Up after that Planned Parenthood Tragedy?

Progressive Christians promised us they would be prophetic voices among the Democratic party. Where are you?
Building Church Leaders

Welcoming the Stranger

How churches can best respond to immigration issues.
Morning Roundup 6/30/15
The Exchange

Morning Roundup 6/30/15

Privatize Marriage; Legalize Polygamy; Rachel Dolezal
Morning Roundup 5/14/15
The Exchange

Morning Roundup 5/14/15

Christian Without Christ?; 7 Figures From Pew Data; America Less Christian
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gifted for leadership

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