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Throughout the Bible, God commands us over and over to take notice of and care for those around us. More than just opening your home to your friends or Bible study group for coffee, hospitality is a conscientious pursuit to welcome strangers and friends into our homes and lives and to make them feel loved and accepted.

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The World Doesn't Need Any More "Christmas Christians"

The World Doesn't Need Any More "Christmas Christians"

A call to celebrate Jesus the other 364 days of the year
Entertaining Angels

Entertaining Angels

Opening our homes and tables to strangers blesses both the giver and receiver.
Choose Hospitality

Choose Hospitality

The difference between entertainment and hospitality is more important than you think.
Welcoming the Stranger

Welcoming the Stranger

A letter from the editor
Welcome Home

Welcome Home Subscriber access only

Reasons why you are the perfect person to host this holiday season

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Someone's Knocking at the Door

With my husband's sense of hospitality, it could be a complete stranger
Why This?
Invite a complete stranger over for dinner? You can use family meanls as a way to minister to others.

Painless Hospitality

How to open your home to others without driving your spouse crazy
Why This?
Is your house too messy to invite others over? You can work together with your spouse to tackle the practical aspects of hospitality.
Hospitality for Introverts

Hospitality for Introverts Subscriber access only

How can you practice hospitality when you'd rather be alone?
Why This?
JoHannah Reardon shares wisdom about how introverts can welcome and minister to others without getting burnt out or overwhelmed.

Extending the Table Subscriber access only

How we can eat and drink to the glory of God this holiday season
Why This?
Holiday meals provide an opportunity to connect more deeply with God and to welcome and bless others.

Introverts in the Church

Finding a quiet moment in an extroverted place

Following Christ with Our Actions

Authentic disciples vote with their feet and not mere words.

How to Treat One Another

Scripture tells us a lot about interpersonal relationships.

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Building Church Leaders

Rediscovering Church Hospitality (free sample)

We are called to welcome.
Building Church Leaders

What's Your Encouragement Style? (free sample)

8 ways to affirm others.
Building Church Leaders

Welcoming the Stranger

How churches can best respond to immigration issues.
Evangelism: It’s Too Complicated: A guest post by Trillia Newbell
The Exchange

Evangelism: It’s Too Complicated: A guest post by Trillia Newbell

Don't make evangelism more complicated than it already is. Trillia shares ways to simplify evangelism.
Building Church Leaders

Greeting as Ministry (free sample)

How the usher/greeter's role fits into the ministry of the church.