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God's Character

We cannot understand God—the Great I AM—without understanding Christ. Jesus reveals the kind of God we have. Yet the Holy One invites us to seek and find him—which involves listening, paying attention, and following the nudges that make us more like him.

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Can Guilt Be a Good Thing?

Can Guilt Be a Good Thing? Subscriber access only

How discerning true guilt can move you forward in your faith
When I Consider the Heavens...

When I Consider the Heavens...

Catching a glimpse of just how big our God is
The Heresy of Love

The Heresy of Love

What happens when “God is love” becomes all God is
Slaves to a Limited View of God?

Slaves to a Limited View of God? Subscriber access only

Breaking free from the narrowness of our beliefs
His Healing Heart

His Healing Heart Subscriber access only

God's provision of health reveals much about his nurturing character.

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Redefining God as Father Subscriber access only

How Papa-God showed me my heart—and his
Why This?
Explore what it means to know God as your Abba ("Daddy").
Questioning Matters of Faith

Questioning Matters of Faith Subscriber access only

There's a deeper need than receiving pat answers or refusing to entertain tough questions
Why This?
How can we understand God's goodness in light of the violence and wrath described in Scripture? Patty Kirk describes her own struggles with tough questions like this one.
A Deeper Knowing

A Deeper Knowing Subscriber access only

God is mysterious—but present—in the moments of our lives.
Why This?
Pastor and author Adele Calhoun discusses how we can come to know God better by paying attention to God's faithful presence in our everyday lives.
Why Are We Afraid?

Why Are We Afraid?

Facing fear with faith
Why This?
There are countless reasons to worry, feel anxious, panic, and fear. Author Max Lucado explains how we can trust God in the face of life's dangers.

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A New Kind of Leader, Part 5
Just Marinating

A New Kind of Leader, Part 5

The world needs blessed leaders who care for and equip God’s flock.
Men of Integrity

"Rich in Mercy"

Men of Integrity

Weekend Bible Study Subscriber access only

Theme of the Week: Marvel at God's Mercy
Five Things Every Church Planter Needs
Just Marinating

Five Things Every Church Planter Needs

Vision and teamwork are essential.
Preaching Today

Step 5: Find the Big Story

Every text is part of the bigger story of Scripture and Christ’s Redemptive Work. How does your sermon connect?
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