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The writer of Hebrews tells us that Christ was anointed with the oil of joy. One of the ways Jesus drew others to him was his unreserved ability to celebrate, play, and rejoice in all things—including finding deep abiding joy in the moments of sorrow. Through this discipline, we too learn to live with unreserved delight and joy, to play, and to have a childlike exuberance and enjoyment of life, our world, and God's goodness.

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Chris Tomlin: On God's Great Dance Floor

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How to Have the Very Best Year Ever

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What Is Celebration?

Learning to experience deep joy in every moment of our lives

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Why We Should Celebrate Loss

Why We Should Celebrate Loss

What I learned from Weight Watchers
Why This?
Is it possible to celebrate when life is full of loss, heartache, or grief? Yes. In fact, it's critical.

Celebrate Even in Pain?

My father had lost his leg. How could I possibly follow the apostle Paul's command to rejoice in all things?
Why This?
Even when life hurts, God can surprise us with beautiful reasons to celebrate.

The Neglected Spiritual Practice

Why do we so often forget the importance and power of celebration?
Why This?
A habit of celebrating God's goodness will lead you into a life of joy, gratitude, and worship.

Prepare for a Shock

The Resurrection is cause for celebration, but it should always shake us up a little too.

A Footwasher to the Footwashers

The first shall be last, and the last, first.

The Value of Lent and Good Friday

Don't skip too fast to Easter morning.

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Holiday Traditions, Under Construction

Holiday Traditions, Under Construction

Why our shifting families and evolving rituals can still be cause for celebration.
What Forgotten Christmas Tradition Should Churches Revive?
Christianity Today

What Forgotten Christmas Tradition Should Churches Revive? Subscriber access only

Rooting our celebration of Christ’s birth more deeply in our lives.

A CT Celebration

The wedding that wouldn't have happened without CT.
Day of the Dead Gets New Life

Day of the Dead Gets New Life

What does it mean for this Hispanic celebration to go mainstream?
Moving Toward Multiplication Movements: Celebration Influences Destination
The Exchange

Moving Toward Multiplication Movements: Celebration Influences Destination

Churches become what they celebrate, so churches must examine both what they celebrate and what they want to become.
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