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God is deeply concerned with every aspect of our lives. He wants to comfort, care for, protect, and nurture us. Whether or not you're a mother, or whether you've had a great, loving mother or a neglectful or absent mother, this practice is meant to help you lean into the sweet, comforting arms of a God who loves us compassionately, and who loves to show us the mothering, nurturing side of his character.

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Tender Power

Tender Power Subscriber access only

Our view of El Shaddai may not be enough.
Mother to the Motherless

Mother to the Motherless Subscriber access only

God showed me he is more than just my heavenly Father.
A New View of God

A New View of God Subscriber access only

I'd always thought of the Lord with a slightly hard edge to him—until he opened my eyes to a different side.
Three Questions for . . . Amena Brown

Three Questions for . . . Amena Brown Subscriber access only

Thoughts on what it means to be a woman made in God's image.
Meeting the God of Nurture

Meeting the God of Nurture Subscriber access only

Explore and respond to the nurturing side of God.

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I Have Called You Friend

I Have Called You Friend Subscriber access only

Getting alone with God helps us listen to the rich, soul-making silence that is divine love.
Why This?
We can experience God's nurturing and comforting love through spiritual disciplines like silence, solitude, Scripture meditation, and prayer.
The Gift of Pets

The Gift of Pets Subscriber access only

Spiritual lessons God can teach us as we love and care for animals
Why This?
We can learn a lot about God's faithful nurture through our own relationship with the pets we love.

The Uncanny Provision of God Subscriber access only

He can move the entire created world to act on behalf of his children
Why This?
Sometimes God surprises us by providing exactly what we need at exactly the right moment. Read how God provided much-needed encouragement to the mother of a special needs child.
The Theological Turn in Youth Ministry

The Theological Turn in Youth Ministry

Young people are not bored by theology. They are bored by theology that doesn't matter.

Creating Space for God

Where, when, and how has God tapped you on the shoulder but you missed it because you were too busy or distracted to listen?

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Discover the benefits of cultivating new leaders from within.
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Pastoring people on medication for mental illness.
Building Church Leaders

Great is Thy Effectiveness? (free sample)

There's danger in rooting our identity in ministry rather than in Christ.
Building Church Leaders

The 4 Religious Types (free sample)

How personality influences our perception of God.
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Morning Roundup 4/22/15

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