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Proper management is one of the first responsibilities God called us to. In the Garden of Eden, God gave Adam and Eve control of the earth and everything in it, to be good stewards. Through this practice we take care of the things God has presented to us for us to manage, including time, money, creation, and relationships, in a way that honors God and his creation.

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Moms, Those Children Are Not Yours

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From Hoarding to "I Have Enough" Subscriber access only

9 tips for simplifying your life
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Tips for getting off the couch and building a fit lifestyle
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Environmental care is not controversial; it’s Christian.
A Deeply-Planted Faith

A Deeply-Planted Faith

Leah Kostamo believes we’re called to care for and keep God's creation.

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Christian Conservationists

Christian Conservationists Subscriber access only

The earth is not our home, so should believers actively try to preserve it?
Why This?
Should Christians be "green"? Author Nancy Ortberg explains what Scripture says about environmental stewardship.
The Accidental Green Life

The Accidental Green Life

How Christian Piety Can Grace the Earth
Why This?
Spiritual disciplines like simplicity and service connect with another key way to honor God: environmental stewardship.

What Kind of Steward Are You?

An interactive quiz to analyze your generosity
Why This?
There are many types of stewardship beyond wise handling of money. Take this quiz to discover your stewardship strengths.
What Had I Done with All My Money?

What Had I Done with All My Money?

It took a heavy hit to realize that living my life as a mindless spender wasn't what God intended for me.
Why This?
Restricting your spending and organizing a budget are important ways to practice financial stewardship.

Stewardship Is More Than Giving Money

We are all ministers.

Saving the Planet Is Part of Our Calling

We gave up the American dream for a world of happiness.

A Defense of Christianity's Influence on History

Evidence does not support what many secular institutions teach us.

5 Facets in Spiritual Formation

Use these steps to begin to let Christ form you.

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The Perils of Money (free sample)

The Bible wisely warns about the ways money can hurt us.
Protecting the Church's Name
Church Law and Tax Report

Protecting the Church's Name Subscriber access only

Names and trademarks are good stewardship. Here's how to do it.
Morning Roundup 9/8/14
The Exchange

Morning Roundup 9/8/14

World Religions; Public Schools; Stewardship Not Cruelty
Meet the New Kingdom Investors
Christianity Today

Meet the New Kingdom Investors Subscriber access only

A new model of Christian stewardship is scalable, global, and can compete with China. It will just cost you $100,000 to join the cause.
Building Church Leaders

Creating a Culture of Generosity (free sample)

Give and you will receive.
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