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How great is God's love for and goodness toward us! As we realize more and more just who God is and what he thinks of us, his children, our hearts overflow with gratitude. This spiritual practice is about being more intentional in our thanksgiving than just a simple, "Thanks, God" It is about reflecting and offering a deep thankfulness for God's goodness and workings in our lives. Gratitude often reaps celebration.

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Top 10 Things Your Husband Really Needs

Top 10 Things Your Husband Really Needs

Gain insight to your husband and become an understanding wife.


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The Perks of Aging Subscriber access only

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Appreciating the Wrinkles in Life Subscriber access only

Focus more on the miracles, not on the mess
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Gratitude at Work

Why it’s so rare—and powerful—to say thanks
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Prefer the Given

Learning to look at our (crazy, busy, stressful, less-than-satisfying) lives with grateful eyes
Why This?
Your life may be stressful, busy, and even feel unsatisfying -- but you can still embrace it with gratitude.

Unearthing Joy

We don't lose our joy, but it can go underground.
Why This?
Thelma Wells explains how we can be intentional about living in joy and gratitude.

An Extravagant Gratitude

Learn to give thanks in all circumstances.

Gratitude in the Lean Times

There is a reason we say grace before the meal, not after.

A Grateful People

What does true thankfulness mean?

Grumble Halleluiah

Surprisingly, God welcomed my resigned, crabby, sigh-filled, grumbly praises.

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Thin Places

Are 90 Percent of Babies Diagnosed with Down Syndrome Really Aborted?

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Thin Places

From Grumpiness to Gratitude

And a little voice asked me, What would it take for you to be grateful that Marilee didn't take a nap today?
Men of Integrity

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Theme of the Week: Break Free of "I Deserve It" Thinking
Men of Integrity

Shaped by Gratitude

The Secret to Volunteer Retention
Gifted for Leadership

The Secret to Volunteer Retention

Just say thanks
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