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Our world and lives are so noisy! In fact the noisier they are the more difficult it is to hear the soft whisper of the Holy Spirit speaking into our lives. So we practice periods of quiet, in which we open ourselves to hearing what God is saying to us. When we close our minds to the distractions and sounds of life we can better hear God. While community is important and has a place, we also need to be solitary time with our Creator and Lover of our souls. Solitude is also closely connected to silence. It is removing ourselves from other people and all distractions or interactions, to focus solely on God and our relationship with him.

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Thirsty for God

Thirsty for God Subscriber access only

Fill your soul with the only true refreshment.
Easing into Silence

Easing into Silence Subscriber access only

It really doesn't have to evoke sheer terror.

Why Silence, Anyway? Subscriber access only

Something uniquely powerful happens when we enter the "sanctuary of God."

Editor's Note

Being alone with God in the quiet.
Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path

Think you don't have the time or ability to get quiet and alone? According to personal retreat director Brenda Jank, your life and faith depend on it.

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Getting Away with God Subscriber access only

A spiritual retreat can quiet your soul and renew your faith. Here's how
Why This?
Worn down by life? Emotionally or spiritually exausted? A retreat of solitude might be exactly what you need.

"Wasting Time" with God

Journaling and the art of paying attention
Why This?
Keeping a journal is a powerful way to pay attention to what God is up to in your life.
Why We Need Silence and Solitude

Why We Need Silence and Solitude

We don't realize the weight of Christian expectations until we quiet ourselves and get alone
Why This?
When we break free from our addiction to noise and activity by practicing silence and solitude, we're better able to truly listen to God.
Why One Isn't the Loneliest Number
Why This?
Loneliness and solitude aren't the same thing. This article explores the emotional and spiritual benefits of spending time alone.

Silence and Solitude

These spiritual disciplines supply fuel for my soul.

Creating Space for God

Where, when, and how has God tapped you on the shoulder but you missed it because you were too busy or distracted to listen?

Obedience and Awe

A meditation on Matthew 14

Shaking Our Fists

Acknowledging our anger with God

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The Loneliness Epidemic
Today's Christian Woman

The Loneliness Epidemic Subscriber access only

How you can go deeper in a culture that’s busy and disconnected
Preaching Today

Groundhog Day Christmas

Reclaiming wonder during the Christmas season.
Small Groups

Silence and Solitude

These spiritual disciplines supply fuel for the busy leader's soul.
Searching for the Sound of Silence

Searching for the Sound of Silence

A writer’s struggle with "quiet time."
Small Groups

Cell Phone Distractions

How do our phones distract us?
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