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One of the highest offerings we can give is pure worship. Through this practice we give ourselves fully over to the adoration of the greatness and glory of almighty God.

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Embodied Worship

Embodied Worship

To experience God, we don't need our minds more or less than we need our bodies.
The Sovereign Sweet Spot

The Sovereign Sweet Spot

Michael W. Smith on his new creative chapter and why he’s not even close to being finished yet
Smartphones, Spirituality, and the State of Our Souls

Smartphones, Spirituality, and the State of Our Souls Subscriber access only

Learning to tweet, text, post, pin, link . . . and really live
Your Grace Finds Me

Your Grace Finds Me

Matt Redman on finding and meeting God right where you are
Jenny & Tyler: For Freedom

Jenny & Tyler: For Freedom

A Q&A with a Nashville recording duo on fighting human trafficking in our own backyards

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The Heart of Worship Subscriber access only

What it is, and what it isn't. An interview with Saddleback Church's Rick Muchow.
Why This?
Worship leader Rich Muchow believes there are many ways to worship God, such as obedience, teaching, reading and quoting Scripture, prayer, fasting, and giving
Worship Service Blues

Worship Service Blues

How to worship at a church that doesn't fit your worship preferences
Why This?
You can still worship God even if your church's worship style doesn't fit your musical tastes.
I Was Made to Worship

I Was Made to Worship

It was my kids who taught me how
Why This?
Children can teach us what's at the heart of worship: valuing God.

Are We Getting Worship Wrong?

And how can we get it at least a little bit right?
Why This?
Worship is about focusing on God, not on ourselves.

Introverts in the Church

Finding a quiet moment in an extroverted place

What is true worship?

What Is Your Heart Worship?

A look at what it means to sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.

Holding on to Hope in Your Small Church

Don't lose heart by playing a numbers game.

The Dangerous Act of Worship

Living God's call to justice

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A Letter to My Worship Leaders (Part 2)
The Exchange

A Letter to My Worship Leaders (Part 2)

Silence, flow, and theology all play important parts in the work of a worship leader.
A Letter to My Worship Leaders (Part 1)
The Exchange

A Letter to My Worship Leaders (Part 1)

Worship leaders have one of the most important roles in the church, here is my letter to mine.
Men of Integrity

Weekend Bible Study Subscriber access only

Theme of the Week: How to Conquer the Dissatisfied Life
Gospel-Centered Evangelism
Just Marinating

Gospel-Centered Evangelism

Three characteristics of high-definition evangelism in a multiethnic world.
Can Worship Leaders and Musicians Resist the Temptation to 'Perform'?
Christianity Today

Can Worship Leaders and Musicians Resist the Temptation to 'Perform'? Subscriber access only

Three views on how to keep church services from becoming like American Idol.
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