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August 2013

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Stress Relief through StorytellingMember Access Only
A new study by the American Psychological Association shows that 20- and 30somethings are the most stressed generation in America. Here's how the church can help them cope.
To Moms of One or Two Children
To Moms of One or Two ChildrenMember Access Only
I know you are maxed out—in every way. But, there is hope, and it does get easier.
Marriage Is Like Ice CreamMember Access Only
When two people come together, they form something entirely new
When Your Kids Go Back to School
When Your Kids Go Back to SchoolMember Access Only
Whether you're whistling Dixie or singing the blues, moms need help transitioning from summer too.
What Service IsMember Access Only
Serving the Lord is often full of twists, turns, and turbulence
Feeling Left Out In BedMember Access Only
Why it's important to verbalize your needs, feelings, and desires
Believe God Can Do AnythingMember Access Only
Third Day frontman Mac Powell is passionate about faith, family, and 'doing what's in your heart to do'
Is Masturbation a Sin?
Is Masturbation a Sin?Member Access Only
Expert answers to help you navigate bedroom challenges
Understanding the BibleMember Access Only
God's Word has a lot to say to you—are you listening?
Are You Unexpectedly Pregnant?Member Access Only
Find courage in knowing this didn't take God by surprise
Did God Really Call Me?
Did God Really Call Me?Member Access Only
Dr. Michelle Loyd-Paige on "protecting your anointing" when God calls you to places where there aren't many female role models.
Breaking Down Fences
Breaking Down FencesMember Access Only
Blessed are the peacemakers
Where the Money GoesMember Access Only
I ran three Chicago marathons to raise money for clean water. Were the miles worth it?
Ruth Bell Graham
Ruth Bell GrahamMember Access Only
Living words from poet, writer, and wife of evangelist Billy Graham
Evangeline Corey Booth
Evangeline Corey BoothMember Access Only
Living words from street evangelist and first female general of the Salvation Army
Corrie Ten Boom
Corrie Ten BoomMember Access Only
Living words from the Dutch supporter and accomplice of Jews and eventual prisoner under the Nazi regime
Amy Carmichael
Amy CarmichaelMember Access Only
Living words from the author and missionary to India
God is With Us in the Trenches
God is With Us in the TrenchesMember Access Only
Why it's important to trust and experience God's presence in the midst of life's trials and tribulations
The Test of Marriage
The Test of MarriageMember Access Only
Turns out marriage and kayaking the Na Pali Coast have a lot in common
Raising Good Citizens
Raising Good CitizensMember Access Only
Practical ideas for teaching your kids to appreciate and participate in their country
Experiencing the Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit
Experiencing the Transforming Power of the Holy SpiritMember Access Only
Life change is possible with immersion in the Word of God
Christian Conservationalist
Christian ConservationalistMember Access Only
The earth is not our home, but that doesn't mean we aren't called to preserve it
Praying Significant Prayers
Praying Significant PrayersMember Access Only
How to cultivate a meaningful conversation with the Lord
How You Love
How You LoveMember Access Only
How can I figure out what God wants me to do with my life?
InsecuritiesMember Access Only
How we can love our own identities.
What Is Easter About?
What Is Easter About?Member Access Only
The world didn't stop and wait for Jesus to sacrificially redeem humanity
Facing Failure
Facing FailureMember Access Only
You may be surprised at what you find!
The Secret to Joy
The Secret to JoyMember Access Only
It isn't just about acquiring the right attitude.
Public Enemy #1
Public Enemy #1Member Access Only
The insidious thing that steals your joy and health—and what you can do to take back control.
How Dads Can Bond
How Dads Can BondMember Access Only
Simple ways dads can connect with a new little life
God's Talking to You
God's Talking to YouMember Access Only
Can you hear him?
Finding God in Iraq
Finding God in IraqMember Access Only
How he's mending and moving in this war-torn nation
Donald Miller on Life as a Solo Son
Donald Miller on Life as a Solo SonMember Access Only
The best-selling author of Blue Like Jazz reckons with his fatherless childhood—and offers hope for single moms and their sons
Navigating Parenthood
Navigating ParenthoodMember Access Only
Your influence may determine your child's future
1 John 2:17
1 John 2:17Member Access Only
Finding purpose in the mundane
1 Peter 3:9
1 Peter 3:9Member Access Only
Learning to pay back insults with blessing
1 Timothy 2:2
1 Timothy 2:2Member Access Only
A reminder to pray for all who are in authority so that we might live peaceably.
Ephesians 2:4-5
Ephesians 2:4-5Member Access Only
No matter the weight of our sins, Christ's sacrificial love redeems us all.
Galatians 5:25
Galatians 5:25Member Access Only
Become a purpose-filled woman by following the Spirit’s leading in every part of your life.
Galatians 4:6
Galatians 4:6Member Access Only
A call for father figures to take an active role in church life
Isaiah 9:6
Isaiah 9:6Member Access Only
An announcement proclaiming the arrival of the Savior
Isaiah 33
Isaiah 33Member Access Only
The Lord is our strength and salvation.
Isaiah 55:9
Isaiah 55:9Member Access Only
Learning to listen to God
James 5:16
James 5:16Member Access Only
Confess. Pray. Experience God's Power.
John 7:38
John 7:38Member Access Only
What's the difference between living water and H2O?
John 15:9
John 15:9Member Access Only
Abide in God's love.
John 15:13
John 15:13Member Access Only
The heart-wrenching reality of sacrificial love
John 16:33
John 16:33Member Access Only
In this life we will have trouble, but Christ has overcome the world
Matthew 11:28
Matthew 11:28Member Access Only
Learning to rest in the Lord
Proverbs 1:8-9
Proverbs 1:8-9Member Access Only
The Biblical mandate to respect parents' wishes
Proverbs 3:12
Proverbs 3:12Member Access Only
The LORD corrects those he loves
Proverbs 10:19
Proverbs 10:19Member Access Only
Lessons from a chatterbox: be sensible and keep your mouth shut.
Psalm 25:4-5
Psalm 25:4-5Member Access Only
Place your hope in the Lord
Psalm 91:2
Psalm 91:2Member Access Only
Even in marriage's winters, God is my refuge and strength
Psalm 127:3
Psalm 127:3Member Access Only
Raising children who care
Revelation 21:5
Revelation 21:5Member Access Only
The key to happiness is to hope for heaven
Romans 8:38
Romans 8:38Member Access Only
Nothing can ever separate me from the love of Christ
Romans 12:12
Romans 12:12Member Access Only
In God we trust: ways to face the future with confidence
Romans 15:5-6
Romans 15:5-6Member Access Only
An inspirational verse on unity from the book of Romans
How Not to Put God First
How Not to Put God FirstMember Access Only
There may be a better way
Is There a 'Generational Curse' for Sin?
Is There a 'Generational Curse' for Sin?Member Access Only
Christ offers us a new inheritance
The Power of Prayer
The Power of PrayerMember Access Only
There isn't a magic formula
Lessons in Singleness
Lessons in SinglenessMember Access Only
God has a plan for every single woman in the world.
Busting the Myths About Christian Marriage
Busting the Myths About Christian MarriageMember Access Only
One couple thought being Christians would save them from marital problems. Their naïve beliefs made everything worse.
Intercede, Pray, Love
Intercede, Pray, LoveMember Access Only
Pray like you mean it
Friendships in the Church
Friendships in the ChurchMember Access Only
4 ways to foster spiritual friendships.
Face-to-Face Relationships
Face-to-Face RelationshipsMember Access Only
6 small-town secrets that lead to authentic relationships
God's Marriage Counseling
God's Marriage CounselingMember Access Only
Our marriage thrives on the right advice
What Happens in Vegas
What Happens in VegasMember Access Only
Modern-day abolitionist Lisa Thompson talks about the disturbing impact of our hypersexualized culture--and what she hopes you'll do about it.
Praying Away Fear
Praying Away FearMember Access Only
There is only one way to face a world of bombings, shootings, and uncertainty.
How to Cover Your Child in Prayer
How to Cover Your Child in PrayerMember Access Only
It's one of a parent's greatest ministries
Lost at SeaMember Access Only
Depression isn't always easy to comprehend, but we can offer companionship to those adrift on its turbulent waters
Bored with Bible Study?
Bored with Bible Study?Member Access Only
Take your small group to the next level with these keys for deeper spiritual engagement and building real fellowship
Marriages Are Like SnowflakesMember Access Only
Relationships are as unique as the people in them.
Jesus Culture: 'Raising Up Revivalists'Member Access Only
Worship leader Kim Walker-Smith is passionate about using her gifts to equip and empower the next generation of church leaders
What Is Celebration?Member Access Only
Learning to experience deep joy in every moment of our lives
Confessions of the Well-BehavedMember Access Only
I often live as if my calling is to avoid facing my sin.
God's Big AnswersMember Access Only
In the face of my son's painful crisis, I realized how diminished my view of God had become.
A Promise DeliveredMember Access Only
Parenting is about God and his plans, not about us
How God Used the Army to Strengthen My MarriageMember Access Only
Lessons from unlikely places
No Need for Nooners
No Need for NoonersMember Access Only
Why glitz, glamour, and midday romance have nothing to do with my marriage
Winning the Worry War
Winning the Worry WarMember Access Only
It’s impossible to simply “stop worrying.” Consider these strategies for getting worry under control.
Expecting a "You Complete Me" Kind of Marriage
Expecting a "You Complete Me" Kind of MarriageMember Access Only
I wanted my husband to do what I needed God to do.
Balancing Marriage, Ministry, and MotherhoodMember Access Only
From Seattle to Sydney, 32-year-old worship leader Annie Garratt talks about leading and living a life of worship.
Forgiven to Forgive
Forgiven to ForgiveMember Access Only
Gracia Burnham finds that big redemption comes in small steps
5 Ways You Can Help Combat Human Trafficking
5 Ways You Can Help Combat Human TraffickingMember Access Only
Ways to join the fight against modern-day slavery

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There Is No "Safe" JesusMember Access Only
The risky call to love like Christ

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